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Public Disclosures and Relationships

 WhatBrands accepts and place affiliate ads as well as sponsorship promotions from all products or companies as long as it is a legal entity . It is our plan of action to systematically disclose our relationship between our advertisers and our company . Every promotion should be regard a paid project within the site,and we take no obligation or social control of these external websites.

 WhatBrands does present article reviews from whatever given condition regarding affiliate and advertisement sponsorships of our product review website. Those editorial contents will not necessarily acknowledge as to the quality of the relationship. Amazon products external links on this website are oftentimes found, but not consistently, associate products links as well. 

Comment Policy

 What Brands featured posts are unfastened for remarks. However, the blogger (s)/ author (s) reserve the right to take away any content or statement that is insulting and immaterial or not facilitative for brilliant discourse. You are unbarred to linked whatsoever of your websites or blogs to the featured contents but make sure these are related to the subject at hand because We are going to DELETE if  we see it otherwise .Savvy? 

General Disclaimer: All trademarks,logo, images and copyrights presented on this site are owned by their respective companies. This is a website presenting author's assessment on hand-picked products, and as such the views expressed may not always indicate the opinions of other product review sites. We make our own product evaluation based on how we see it ,and consumer feedback,also. 

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